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BASS - Sol Ahmed  

A core member of Radio Banska for the last few years, providing a solid foundation for its rhythmic intricacies. He is involved in many Bristol-based Latin projects (Camo Clave, Dockside Latin Orchestra, K’Chevere), and has appeared at Ronnie Scotts and the Montreal Jazz Festival.


GUITAR - Tony Barby 

An original Radio Banska member, Tony is an intriguing multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, didgeridoo, ukulele, charango and trumpet) bringing the Peruvian flavour of the charango to the band.  As a sideline he indulges his passion for singing as a respected local choirmaster.


DRUMS - Jon Clark

Jon has studied with many masters of global percussion traditions and has shared stages with British jazz and improv greats like Cleveland Watkiss, Steve Beresford, John Law and Orphy Robinson. He is involved in many ventures including his own current project - 'Baldhu'.


SAXOPHONE - Craig Crofton

Anglo-American sax player

who has lived in the UK for

over 20 years and built up a

great reputation for the power and visceral excitement in his

playing. He is at the forefront of many popular Bristol bands and has shared stages with jazz

greats like Wynton Marsalis

and Pee Wee Ellis.

GUITAR - Dave Spencer

Founder member of Radio Banska, along with violinist NinaTrott. For 12 years he has written and arranged the band’s striking original material - melodic compositions with a Middle Eastern feel that give the project its totally unique character.He is also a versatile guitar player and teacher.

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