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“ . . . just been listening to the album - great stuff ! "

John Etheridge

". . . an extraordinarily powerful band, a kind of Levantine zeppelin ! " 


“ It’s obvious that these guys really enjoy every minute of what they are doing – and it’s so much easier to engage with happy musicians ! "

BBC Southwest

" . . Radio Banska rips up the file marked 'genre' and throws the resultant musical confetti in the air for all to dance around in . . ."

The Bell, Bath

" Radio Banska are a delight of fusion jazz,essentially taking music of the Ottoman and Spanish empires and injecting it with a stiff shot of jazz rhythms to create a unique mix. A hidden gem at the festival they got a large, musically  appreciative audience dancing and smiling : a rare thing in the often serious world of jazz. Catch them where you can ! ”

Teignmouth Jazz Festival

" Banska's ground colouring is Levantine, with musico-geographic excursions elsewhere,the guitar often swinging ferociously with jazz and rock elements combined. Sometimes Balkan, often surreal, always hard-driving. Check them out, but carry a map of the Middle East ! "

Welsh Arts Review

" ... sounds from around the world - and also an adept contemporary jazz combo with unique material and a command of rhythms that go further than the average 'ethnic' outfit. Fine and distinctive players, too ... "

Bath Fringe Festival

“ For all the rootsiness of the tunes, they’re all modern - tightly arranged, straddling the roots/jazz divide without

overstretching either way, and creating a distinctive sound. "

Venue Magazine





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